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Erica Laine Hass:

I watched that Marilyn Monroe documentary last night and although it was kind of snooze, it gave so much information and detail about her life that I didn’t know before watching.  Like that she spent 6 days in a mental hospital because her doctor tricked her into going and then Joe DiMaggio saved her and got her out when no one else would.  

Such a rare look from the inside showing viewers how her life turned out so tragic basically because she never really had a family that loved her.  So sad.  Everyone needs a mum and dad, I guess.  

BTW - What was up with those narrations / letter reading reenactments?  They def could have saved some $ and left those OUT.  For example, no one wanted to see Lindsay Lohan pretend to be Liz Taylor, therefore NO ONE wants to see her pretend to be Marilyn Monroe.  Those were painful to watch.  Some more than others.

Look at the photo of JFK and Marilyn in the room with the door closed.  They didn’t really touch much on that topic though.  I guess that is a story/documentary on it’s own.  


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    The reason they didn’t touch up on the topic of her and JFK is because nothing happened. They probably had a one night...
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