Pippa Francesca & Piper Alexander

Erica Laine Hass:

Yellow is sure making it’s big debut lately.  In fact, I was online last night looking for a bright yellow vintage jumpsuit.  I found one or two that I liked but the hunt is still on.  

On another note, I totally wish that I would have saved these yellow leather vintage pumps that I once had.  I bought them from this little antique clothing store that I used to walk by everyday on my way home from Brush Fire in college.  What happened to those?  Ugh, I probably gave them to the Goodwill like so many other pieces that I made the mistake of donating and/or giving away. So many donation regrets, so little time.  Oh well, you live and you learn.

Nonetheless, when in doubt, look at Louis Vuitton ads to cheer up your day…


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